The Evolution and Development Bulgaria Cell Phone Number of the Sharing Economy

After the sharing economy has become popular, it is also facing a development dilemma, and evolution is also happening quietly. By analyzing the development process of the sharing economy. This paper expounds the business logic of the sharing economy business model. And imagines its development direction through the Bulgaria Cell Phone Number  evolution of the sharing economy business model. Sharing Economy 1.0 The concept of “sharing economy” has become a household name after the success of shar bicycles, but in fact, as long as people who are concern about the Internet industry mention “sharing economy”.The first reaction will be like Uber, Didi, Airbnb, etc.

After the Sharing Economy Has Become Popular.

The outstanding people under the first wave of sharing, they have in common that they use Internet technology to connect people, and through the schuling of information, the idle resources in the society can flow. In order to make better and more efficient use. The sharing economy generally refers to a new economic model bas on Bulgaria Cell Phone Number  strangers and the temporary transfer of the right to use items with the main purpose of obtaining a certain reward. Its essence is to integrate offline idle goods, labor, education and medical resources. ——from Baidu EncyclopiaFrom Baidu Encyclopia’s definition of the sharing economy. It can be seen that the sharing economy is the integration of offline goods or services to generate economic benefits in the form of transfer of use rights.

The Outstanding People Under the First Wave of Sharing.

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“Weakening the ownership and releasing the right of use”, which is the perspective of explaining the sharing economy in general. The demander does not directly own the ownership of the item. But uses the item through sharing such as renting and borrowing. To sum up, the sharing economy business model represent by Uber.  Airbnb, etc. belongs Bulgaria Cell Phone Number  to the business model bas on c2c. Which is call the sharing economy 1.0 model in this article. The sharing economy 1.0 model has the following characteristics: There is a huge amount of idle resources shar. This is the fundamental factor for the development of the sharing economy 1.0.

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