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It is no news that learning is increasingly offer digitally Italy Phone Number these days. But with all the new possibilities and applications, electronic learning has not fundamentally change the way people learn. You still learn best when other people are involved. Because speaking Italy Phone Number and listening are two of the most natural interactions of human beings. In fact, the brains of speakers and listeners have been shown to synchronize during storytelling. This is known as ‘neural Italy Phone Number entrainment’ or ‘neural coupling’. Uri Hasson gave this nice Ted talk about it. The voice-over as a booster We can all remember a passionate teacher with an infectious enthusiasm. Or one that wasn’t as good at it.

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Unfortunately, I often fell asleep during a certain Italy Phone Number lesson. While that subject suddenly became my favorite class a year later with Italy Phone Number another teacher! So it all has to do with how and whether or not your mirror neurons are trigger. Both a good story and interaction play an important role in this. Just as a good teacher can make a Italy Phone Number difference in the classroom, so can the voice-over in e-learning. In a digital environment, it comes down to the voice-over to give the lessons personality. That’s what students connect with. Often this is in the role of a trainer or coach.

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Tone of voice in e-learning: what works best? A good Italy Phone Number voice-over gives the students the feeling that they are listening to someone who is nice and approachable. Respectful, personal and professional. Of course it also depends on the target group and what needs to Italy Phone Number be learn, but the tone of voice for e-learning is usually natural and pleasant. Clear, clear and pleasant to the ear. Maybe a little boring? I personally like it when that rule is sometimes deviate from in Italy Phone Number order to surprise and shake up the student! So suddenly an angry coach or a joke should be allowe! Tips for the voice over of e-learning. Image from Dane Scott .

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