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Editorial board With over 5 million tons processed every year. Marcegaglia is the Italian multinational that for over 60 years has distinguished itself in the field of steel transformation. The group operates worldwide with 6,500 employees, 60 commercial units, 210 commercial representatives and 43 factories spread over a total area of ​​6 million square meters.

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Where it produces 5,500 kilometers of stainless steel and carbon steel products for over 15,000 every day. clients. Founded in 1959 and entirely controlled by the Marcegaglia family.  Croatia WhatsApp Number List  The company has its headquarters in Gazoldo degli Ippoliti, near Mantua. Index of topics Protect assets to protect the business Web security at the forefront Protect assets to protect the business .

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The continuous strengthening of the business also passes through technology, not only to support production activities and global strategies, but also to improve the productivity and safety of the personnel employed in administrative, commercial and management processes. In particular, there are approximately 2000 employees with personal accounts and e-mail addresses.

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