The Chinese Internet We Are Japan Cell Phone Number Looking Forward to Should

Searching for truth in the Chinese Internet of PUA is doom to be a waste of effort. During this time there was an article and a discussion that went viral on the Internet. The former is “The Death of “Discussion” in the Chinese Japan Cell Phone Number  Internet”. And the latter is “Is the output of the Chinese Internet gradually withering?” The conclusion of the former is that the only way to resolve is dialogue; only rational dialogue can resolve contradictions. With no place for discussion. There will only be more polarization, more simplification and stigma, more meaningless disputes.

Searching for truth in the Chinese Internet of PUA is doom.

The latter mentions that: as the pressure from several sources of information increases, but there are no newcomers who can match, the effective information output of the Chinese Internet is becoming less and less. Frankly. It’s been a long time since I read content from the Chinese internet world. In addition to daily writing and reading the Japan Cell Phone Number  necessary industry news, most of the time is reading books, brushing Zhihu, or navigating the world of Google. What should we really look forward to in the Chinese Internet world? I think these three points should be essential: The open spirit of the Internet Salon-style discussion atmosphere three-dimensional thinking 1.

The latter mentions that: as the pressure from several.

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The open spirit of the Internet Wang Xing previously mention a point of view that the Internet is divid into two parts: the Chinese Internet and the world Internet. This point of view may be to say that China’s Internet business model innovation may inde be noticeable worldwide. However, China’s Internet and the world’s Japan Cell Phone Number  Internet have brought many problems. Especially in the field of content. Due to the particularity of Chinese itself, the Chinese Internet world can only form a clos loop of internal discussions in the end. However. The English Internet world is built by different countries in the world, and it has form an excellent interactive communication. From this perspective, the Chinese Internet world already has a certain degree of closure.


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