The Category War and Belize Cell Phone Number Future of Smart Speakers

There is a vague feeling: before 2017. The focus of various AI companies was “productization”. Building a product technical framework, and making things first. this year, everyone’s focus is “commercialization” – bas on market pressure and Belize Cell Phone Number  opportunities . To force the optimization of products and technologies. And even adjust the company’s strategic direction. A category war Last week. The public account “Thinking Matters” publish an article that really analyz “smart speakers” from a market perspective, “What will the 299 Xiaomi AI speakers bring to the market?

There Is a Vague Feeling: Before 2017.

s a Vague Feeling: Before 2017″. It mention that the key question is: do you want to establish a new category and brand, or do you want to replace an existing market and upgrade? (The positioning of the category also means who you want to fight)According to the current status of smart speakers, I have roughly sort out the Belize Cell Phone Number  following 6 different ” category” attributes , or “essential  value” attributes (of course, a speaker can have multiple attributes at the same time):Low-end bluetooth music speaker. The essence is listening to songs, but it is aim at low-end customers and the price is low. For example, Xiaomi AI speaker. High-end music speakers. The essence is still listening to songs, but it emphasizes the needs of audiophiles such as sound quality, and the price is high. For example, LIBRATONE, etc. (it can be compar to Apple’s posture as a smart watch). Speakers with sound content.

It Mention That the Key Question.

Belize Cell Phone Number
Belize Cell Phone Number

Essentially for listening to audio content. For example, Xiaoya AI speakers made by Fu Sheng and Himalaya. Shopping speakers. The essence is to facilitate (and stimulate) shopping. For example, Ali’s Tmall Elf X1. Home speakers. The Belize Cell Phone Number  essence is to control the smart home. For example, Xiaomi AI speaker. AI assistant speaker. The essence is to be a personal life assistant. For example, Amazon Echo (in fact, it also has 1, 4, and 5), but currently the most us by users is the memo function, and the others are not few, but very few.

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