The Business That Passes

An ideal situation for the potential benefits of the technology. “Where the margin of error is minimal.  A system integrator like us finds great opportunities.  Helping to manage new situations and the increase in forms of sale”. The solution passes through the mobile world .   Combining the potential of tablet, internet and cloud computing with the ability to develop software.

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That is practically customer-friendly. «The time available for the single activity decreases and the priority is therefore to offer tools capable of guaranteeing dynamism and flexibility – intervenes Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List retailer team leader -. Almost all the workers in the sector now work with mobile devices and starting from here we have introduced some applications capable of optimizing work .

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The idea is to put the tablet at the center of the sector’s operations . By exploiting the geolocation, the relative application is able, for example, to recognize the point of sale and load the information, starting from the note of the tasks to be performed, at the same moment in which the employee is entering. «Furthermore, the data no longer passes through documents to be transferred at a later time to remote servers.

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