The Blogging Service by Blogger Supports Users

The blogging service by Blogger supports users to post content based on time. Pyra Labs founded Blogger in 1999 and Google acquired it in 2003. Therefore, the official owner of Blogger today is Google.

Google accesses Blogger via the subdomain to host blogs. Blogs can also be accessed from the user’s custom domain (such as by using the DNS facility to point the domain to Google’s servers.

DNS is an IP address system that translates website URLs. If you want to see a website without DNS, you have to write down the entire IP address. For example, if you want to access Google, you just type the URL instead of writing in the address bar.

Google Blogger has a wide international user base and is available in more than 60 languages, although its popularity is starting to decline as new competitors emerge. In addition, a user can have up to 100 blogs or websites per account.

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Google’s History as a Blogger Owner

Pyra Labs launched Blogger on August 23, 1999. Based on this, Blogger became one of the first dedicated blog publishing tools. Google bought Blogger in February 2003, so now the official owner of Blogger is Google. After the acquisition process, Blogger’s premium features became free as a result of the takeover. Evan Williams (co-founder of Blogger) left Google in October 2004. In addition, Google also acquired Picasa in 2004 and incorporated the service into Blogger, allowing users to upload images to their blogs.

Blogger underwent a major redesign on May 9, 2004, which included web standards-compliant templates , individual archive pages for posts, comments, and email posts. A new version of Blogger, codenamed  was released in beta along with the update on August 14, 2006. In that version, Google moved users to Google servers. Based on this version there are new features that give rise to new languages ​​such as French, Italian, German, and Spanish. Blogger claims that by moving the server to Google the service will be more stable because iran phone number the server quality is better than before.

Pada bulan Desember 2006, versi baru


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Blogger ini dikeluarkan dari versi beta. Pada Mei 2007, Google telah sepenuhnya memindah dan mengoperasikan Blogger ke server Google. Blogger menduduki peringkat 16 dalam daftar 50 domain teratas dalam hal jumlah pengunjung unik pada tahun 2007.

Pada tanggal 24 Februari 2015, Blogger mengumumkan bahwa mereka tidak akan lagi mengizinkan penggunanya untuk mengeposkan konten seksual eksplisit, kecuali jika konten seksual tersebut dalam konteks artistik, pendidikan, dokumenter, atau ilmiah.

Until now, Blogger has made very significant changes to make it easier for users to manage content and create content optimally. Therefore, we millennials are very lucky because there are various technological facilities to support your dreams and aspirations. Come visit and register immediately on Campus digital

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