Get to know the Blogger site

Blogger is a site to create a blog for free. Blogger site was formed in August 1999. Then, Google acquired Blogger in 2003.

Generally, bloggers are personal or in another sense the content that is not far from the life of the blog owner. But at the beginning of its emergence, bloggers were more focused on the news and information segment. Then, over time bloggers grew. Hobbyist topics and interests are becoming more popular in blogger content.

Even now, blog content is much more varied. Especially with the convenience of the internet which makes marketing much easier to do. Not a few companies are starting to integrate their business into the internet network such as bloggers.


How to Become a Blogger

If you want to become a blogger, it means that you must be ready to be consistent in writing and continue to develop informative and interesting content. If all of that has been passed, it is not impossible that your blog will reach a lot of visitors.

So how do you become a blogger? Follow some of the following tips.

Blogging for a Good Cause

The first tip to becoming a blogger of course is to have a blog account. Without spending money, a blogger account is ready to be your initial capital for success.

If you have, start writing regularly so that the blog becomes big and is known by many people. Fill the blog with content that is interesting but canadian phone number list also informative and can provide benefits or solutions for visitors.

Creating a Blogger Theme


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A blogger usually focuses on a particular topic or theme. So, try to choose one theme that you are most familiar with and that describes you the most. This theme will make it easier for you to create content. The writing becomes more focused and does not spread everywhere. In addition, this will also be your identity. Later visitors can easily recognize your blog and content. For example, the theme of your blog is traveling. With good quality writing and clear topics, visitors will immediately remember your blog when they hear about traveling.

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If you are still confused about choosing a theme, here are some examples:

  • Technology and the internet; android/computer tutorials; Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/and more social media tips and tricks
  • Automotive; buying and selling car accessories and more
  • Culinary and specialties; Local, long-distance and even international tours
  • Graphic design; architectural design, interior, exterior, exhibition, and more
  • Beauty, beauty products and accessories
  • Agriculture, forestry, plant science
  • Health, medicine, medical equipment
  • And so on

Bloggers Must Love Writing

It’s weird if you want to be a blog but don’t like writing. Because, after all, blogger content is a piece of writing or an article. Indeed, currently bloggers do not only contain written content, but also product marketing tools and so on. However, in order to attract visitors and buyers, writing skills are very important.

Therefore, if you want to become a blogger but don’t like writing, start practicing slowly.

Bloggers Must Be Consistent

Consistent here is on time and theme. This means that bloggers must be ready to write content regularly, be it every day, once a week, or once a month. Writing regularly is very important so that your blogger account still exists.

For the problem of the theme, as previously discussed. The point is to keep writing according to the core theme. Do not spread everywhere so that visitors are not confused.

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