The Biggest Google Ad Updates Are

Expanded text ads. Removing ads on the right and adding a fourth text ad at the top of desktop searches. Customer correspondence. These are just a few of google’s major” announcements. Over the past year that have generated strong reactions in the search industry. Analysts myself included. Have worked hard to report on the impact of these updates. On brands and offer best practices in light of the findings. However when analyzing the paid search landscape. I find that it’s often the silent unannounced updates that have the biggest impact on performance.

Of course all paid search managers would like

Of course, all paid search managers would like to think that the success or failure of their programs depends on their Kuwait WhatsApp Number List hard work and brilliant strategies, but sometimes the most important factors happen behind the scenes. That’s not to say there aren’t smarter ways than others to respond to these unexpected developments, and it can pay off to be able to understand that they’re happening in the first place. To illustrate my point, I’ll discuss a few recent updates that have received a lot of coverage and a few that are less well publicized, then explain how each update will impact performance.

Well-known but less impactful updates Expanded

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Well-known but less impactful updates expanded. Text ads google’s new expanded text ad format (eta) offers many more characters for advertisers to work with and has been touted by google itself as a 2x click-through rate (ctr) boost for some advertisers. I wrote extensively about early performance comparisons between eta and legacy text ads a month ago.  Top-of-page unbranded ads see virtually no difference in performance. Etas for branded terms at the top of the page actuall.Y had a slightly lower ctr than the old ad format. Google_eta_vs_standard_ctr footer etas seem to outperform standard. Text ads in terms of ctr but footer only accounts for about 20% of all off-brand clicks, according to our data at merkle.



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