The Backlink Builder’s Ultimate Guide to Building Links

Your video game trends site is up and running, with valuable content that people need! But no one finds your site. So what are you doing to solve this problem? This is where being an expert backlink builder comes in. You’ve probably heard of backlinks by this point and have tried doing some things to improve your rankings. It’s time to up your backlink building game, and we’ll show you how. Why You Should Care Your SEO Score When someone searches for “video games,” you want to make sure your page is found. Color Correction Services Otherwise, why bother? To do this, you need to score high enough to get to that first search results page (SERP or Search Engine Results Page).

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But, Rankings Aren’t Just About Having the Right Keywords.

Guidelines for webmasters You need to make sure that you follow Google and Bing guidelines. Learn what search engines are looking for, because that’s what will decide whether people looking for video game trends will find you, and not your competitor! Organic isn’t just for vegetables You may be running ads on social sites or taking other actions to drive traffic to your site. But good backlinks, on quality sites, can boost your rankings and bring you more organic traffic. When someone searches for “video games” or “video game trends”, it is an organic search result. And you want your site to show up on that first page of results.

Why? Research Shows that While 93% of Online Searches

begin with a search engine, nearly three-quarters of those users never click past the first page of results. You’re fighting for a slice of a user’s limited attention span and time, so you need to make sure you get to the top of the SERP. So where to start ? We’ll start with the basics of backlink builder and then go pro. Even if you’re already doing some of this, a reminder can’t hurt. Things change often, so you need to stay on top of your game, to keep your site at the top of the SERPs. Start Here: In just 2 minutes, Joe can help you formulate your link building strategy. The basics You want a link to your content, on someone else’s site.

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