The 1-to-1 Mode of Live Benin Cell Phone Number Broadcast Has Been Completed

With the development of the industry. The one-to-one teaching mode of live streaming is increasingly favor by capital. According to Quest Mobile’s 2017 Q2 data, in June 2017, the number of active users in the K12 industry was 108 million. With a year-on-year growth rate of 10.4%. After the rise of middle-class families, investment in the Benin Cell Phone Number  next generation of education has become one of the biggest expenses for families other than buying a house for the first time. First, if each student spends 10,000 yuan per year on off-campus study and training. It will be a trillion-dollar market. The current basic education is still bas on taking exams. Supplement by interest; bas on on-campus teaching, supplement by off-campus training; offline classes, supplement by online classes.

With the Development of the Industry.

In the K12 education and training market, various models are in full bloom. For example, K12 English training is also done. Maybe exam tutoring and children’s interest learning. Offline schools and online foreign teaching platforms are different fields that have no competition. Whether it is school education or Internet education, the Benin Cell Phone Number  essence is “education”. And the same goal is to improve the learning effect and better help students grow. Axing recently noticed an interesting phenomenon. Capital seems to prefer the “1-to-1 live broadcast” model. In the past, people tended to regard “1-to-1 real foreign teachers” as a “platform”, but now they want to be a school. 1. Why is the 1-to-1 live broadcast model recogniz by the market for K12 online education and entrepreneurship?

In the K12 Education and Training Market.

Benin Cell Phone Number
Benin Cell Phone Number

“Internet + education” is not new. More than ten years ago, there were 101 online schools offering distance education for primary and secondary schools, which is not much different in essence from the recently popular “double-teacher classroom”. The “MOOC education” that emerg after that was once popular all over the world Benin Cell Phone Number  with the Khan Academy, but the completion rate was low. On the contrary, some offline training institutions have done well during this period: “New Oriental” and “Xueersi” (good future), two list companies are the benchmarks for education entrepreneurs, but offline education is a pair of 1 For example, Xua, elites, etc. have formed a situation of strong players, and the entrepreneurial opportunities in the education industry are still online; coupled with the technological dividends of smartphones and mobile Internet.

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