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More big news and big changes in 2021. Marieke (that’s me by the way) decided to step down as CEO. I wanted to focus more on marketing and less on the corporate things that tend to become your day-to-day job when you’re leading the company. Luckily, Thijs de Valk was up and ready to take over the role of CEO.

‘I am really happy with the new role,’ Thijs says when I congratulate him (again) on his new job. ‘It’s an honor to lead such a great company. And these are exciting times. Integrating into Newfold is both scary and exhilarating. We have so many new things lined up for next year. I can’t wait for 2022 to start.’

Thijs de Valk became the new CEO of Yoast!

Conferences, WordCamps, webinars and workshops

2021 was a year with a lot of online conferences and WordCamps. We’ve visited so many events and met a lot of nice people from all over the world. In 2021 we also did a lot of webinars and online workshops. Thailand Phone Number Those were a big success. Remember our awesome summer school in which we did a number of really cool online workshops? And we’re not slowing down, we’re planning on doing more webinars and online workshops in 2022!

Thailand Phone Number
We held a few different workshops during SEO Summer School Online conferences were the thing of 2021

What about next year?

2022 is just around the corner. Thailand Phone Number Thijs is ready for it: ‘I can’t wait for 2022. We have some really awesome things lined up… three exciting things in January! And that’s only the beginning!’

2021 was a great year for Yoast. And we’re ready to go and make 2022 just as awesome. If only this COVID-thing would disappear. We hope you all have a great 2022 too! And please: stay healthy and stay safe.

Marieke is the head of strategy at Yoast and founder of Yoast SEO academy. She loves coming up with new ideas and products to make SEO attainable for everyone, and ensure a healthy!

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