Talking about online education, how can SMEs break the game


Influence is not the same as advertising. Influence is how users perceive you and how many people are willing to follow you.

Regardless of whether there are resources or no resources, if we start an educational product from 0, we can complete our breakthrough from these angles.

1. Create character IP

What is a character IP? The so-called IP is not just a cartoon logo you design casually. A character image is called IP.

The most accurate definition of IP I’ve ever heard:

IP is a story-based character, a character with a certain spirit and belief. His spirit and faith are enough to infect everyone around him.

For the education industry, the best way is to make the founders the IP figures of the industry.

In market segments, there are a lot of IP opportunities. In the era of the rise of short videos such as Douyin and video accounts, creating a personal IP has become a less difficult task. Anyone who has a story and is willing to express it can get a group of fans and followers by showing themselves, and then realize it.

Compared with bold advertising, creating character IP is indeed a more cost-effective operation.

Why is the character IP important, because he will bring followers. If you can influence one follower, you can definitely influence N Albania Phone Number
followers, and followers can influence the people around them in the form of fission.

Second, as long as it is vertical enough to be professional

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A company I knew before that does emotional consulting has grown with the IPs of its two co-founders. With a team of less than 500 people, it has generated 400 million yuan in revenue a year, and during the epidemic, it was not affected at all.

Why they can do so well, in addition to the influence of character IP, another important point is that their field is sufficiently detailed. Although there have always been players in the marriage and love industry, they do not do marriage introductions. What they do is emotional repair and recovery of divorce, which is aimed at this group of female users who are married, in love, and single.

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