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Socializing doesn’t have to be aggressive, and creating a healthy atmosphere can have windfall benefits. Recently, two interns from Taiwan came to the company, so naturally they chatt with the two girls about which Internet products they Peru Cell Phone Number usually like to use. In addition to the common applications such as Line, instagram, and FB, the young people in Wanwan were especially mention. Favorite “Dcard”. Out of interest in this product that young people love, I have experienc Dcard over the wall in the past few days. The following is an analysis of this popular anonymous forum among young people in Taiwan from the perspective of products. 1. What is Dcard? Dcard is an anonymous forum for college students in Taiwan. Users ne relevant documents of college students to register.

Socializing Doesn’t Peru Cell Phone Number Have to Be .

Screen users by setting the threshold of college students, and fix the user group in the group of “college students”. The official introduction to Dcard is as follows: Dcard is an anonymous community. Because of its anonymity, you can Peru Cell Phone Number  freely discuss your feelings and secrets that you dare not tell your friends here. You can also discuss the big and small things that happen in your life, discuss emotional topics, make-up and wear, or share food. Various current issues. Every day at midnight on Dcard, there will be someone you have never met. If within 24 hours, when you send friend invitations to each other, you will become friends. If you fail to become friends, you will be friends after midnight. will disappear forever and never appear again.

Screen Users by Peru Cell Phone Number Setting the Threshold.

Peru Cell Phone Number
Peru Cell Phone Number

It can be seen that post discussion + card drawing are the two core functions of Dcard. Posting discussions is similar to Baidu Tieba, users post (Po master), and users can reply later. The only difference is that when Peru Cell Phone Number  tagging someone else (@), it is “B4” (representing @4 floor) on the Dcard, and you can tag multiple users by “B7 B9 B11”. Can be anonymous, show school (/department) or give another nickname. Drawing a card is like a drift bottle, but you can only draw one per day. The card contains detail information about the other party’s school, hobbies, personal introduction, etc. It may be to promote real social interaction, and all information will be review. Only when both parties send friend invitations can they become friends and communicate.



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