Take a peek at the tools for implementing on-page SEO

For those of you who are developing a website or blog, it is very important to implement On Page SEO. However, if it is done manually, it will be a bit of a hassle. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss several tools that can help you in on-page SEO optimization.

8 Tools SEO On Page

Google Keyword Planner
Who does not know this one tool? This Google-owned tool is known to be very effective in helping SEO On Page optimization. With Google Keyword Planner we can find new keywords, and do keyword research. We can do these two things by using the main features of Discover New Keyword and Get Search Volume and Forecast. Through this feature, we can find relevant keywords, find out the average search volume, and the level of competition for each keyword.

In addition, Google Keyword Planner is within india phone numbers the Google Ads service. So, we can also use this tool for ads or advertising needs.

Google Trends


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If you want to know what keywords are trending or popular right now, Google Trends can be one of the tools to help practice On Page SEO. On Google’s free platform, we can find out which keywords are currently popular, add new keyword references, compare keyword performance historically, and find potential locations for certain keywords.

The advantage of Google Trend is that this tool not only provides results on web searches, but also results from Google News, Google Images, Google Shopping, and even YouTube.

With this tool, we can plan content creation strategies according to trends in user needs.

Google PageSpeed Insight
Website speed is very important as well as one of the factors that increase rankings and visitors. Research from Google proves that as many as 53% of internet users in Indonesia leave websites that load more than 3 seconds.

So that visitors don’t leave your website, try using the Google Pagespeed Insight tool. This tool provides you with information about website speed both on desktop and mobile displays. In addition, Google PageSpeed ​​Insight also provides suggestions for your website so that website speed can be more optimal.

Yoast SEO
This one tool is definitely a lot of people know. Yoast SEO is one of the most popular SEO plugins among WordPress users.

Yoast SEO has quite complete features, such as focus keywords, meta descriptions, meta titles, readability, slugs, and others. With these features, Yoast SEO is perfect for you to use to ensure that content meets SEO requirements in real time. This tool is very easy for you to use and very friendly for you a beginner.

Google Search Console
Google Search Console is a free tool that can identify website performance in the organic realm. You no longer need to doubt the accuracy of the data, because the research results displayed must come from the Google database.

When checking the website with Google Search Console, you will get information in the form of statistics on the development of total clicks, impressions, average CTR, to the average website position.

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