Google Makes The Switch Results No Longer

Google came under intense pressure to change its results afte.R it was discovered a week ago to first list a holocaust denial site for a search on “Did the holocaust happen”. Now that is finally changing. The change is mainly the result of google modifying its algorithm. In a statement he gave to search engine land several hours after. This story was written he said google was designed to provide users with high quality. And authoritative results for their search queries.

We strive to provide users with a wide range

We strive to provide users with a wide range of diverse content from a variety of sources and are committed to Cyprus WhatsApp Number List the principle of a free and open Web. Judging which web pages best answer a query is a difficult problem and we don’t always get it right. When non-authoritative information appears too high in our search results, we develop scalable and automated approaches to address issues, rather than manually removing them one by one.

We will continue to change our algorithms

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We will continue to change our algorithms over time to meet these challenges. Google unsurprisingly declined to go into detail about what it uses to determine whether something is an authoritative site or not. He also said it was the start of the change process, not the end. He will continue to research how to deal with problematic results. The move is much faster than expected. Google has previously said it wants to address this search and similarly obvious results for some other searches, but the process will take time.


Surprisingly, it didn’t bring about what I would have thought. Would be the easiest change, changing offensive or stereotypical search suggestions. However. Google could still be struggling with developing a policy here. On ipad the rejection site has fallen from the top. Spot while searching my ipad tonight around 1:00 a.M.

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