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To celebrate and kick off our new product, we’re hosting a very special YoastCon this year. An online YoastCon – Shopify edition on the 20th of January that will be chockfull of lots of interesting SEO talks by experts in this field. You can expect to learn more about how to improve the SEO of your online store and how Yoast SEO in Shopify works. And if you’ve ever been to a Yoast event, you’ll know that we also like to have fun. So you can also expect some sort of entertainment!

Speakers from Shopify and renowned SEO companies

We want to make sure that everyone takes something away from this event. That’s why we’ve invited guests from different companies that will talk about SEO for online stores. We’ll kick off the event with a welcome and product demo by our CEO Thijs de Valk and CPO Joost de Valk. After that, Aleyda Solis will talk us through the worst SEO issues of online stores in 2022 and how to fix them. Another topic that will be discussed is how to make a perfect ecommerce website, a talk by our own Jono Alderson.

But that’s not all. We’ll also have talks by Shopify’s Kevin Indig & Jackson Lo, Mike King, Lily Ray and our own Marieke van de Rakt & Willemien Hallebeek.

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