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A step in the direction of how things should go in the Austria Phone Number future. But whether mutual trust is big enough for that? Political parties are apparently insufficiently able to step over their own shadow. What unfortunately seems to be happening is that it is Austria Phone Number becoming thinner than it should anyway due to the lack of a vision on digitization . As a result, I am already pretty sure that there is a major gap in the agreement. Prime Minister Rutte. Digitization Austria Phone Number affects all sides of society The influence of digitization on our society is already and will be many times greater than most citizens and certainly the government realize.

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There are quite a few problem areas in the Austria Phone Number Netherlands that require hard work. But almost all of these themes have in common that they are either supportive or dominant to digitization. The consequences of this for society receive little Austria Phone Number attention from the government. Globally, you can think of digital aspects around themes such as: Education: computers collect too much unnecessary data, incompatible systems, lack of knowledge Austria Phone Number among teachers. Climate: the availability of much data worldwide undermines short-sighted government arguments.

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Environment: measuring pollution, calculating Austria Phone Number the consequences of measures. Energy transition: unbalanced and contradictory measures, no integral calculations. Covid-19: variety of websites, fragmentation of systems, malfunctions, making Austria Phone Number appointments. Housing market: construction schedules, available space, regulations, communication Austria Phone Number with the environment, purchase/sale procedures. Cybercrime: legislation is inadequate, too little knowledge and capacity of the police, too little enforcement, use of artificial intelligence and image recognition. Privacy: misuse of data, better security, wrong legislation, insufficient enforcement.

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