Study Participants Often Lie About How Much They Would Spend on a Product

One of the elements that companies and brands use to understand their consumers much better and to establish. What should be the paths they have to follow to connect with them is to carry out studies. Analysis of what consumers are like and what motivates them is one of the crucial questions of marketing. A basic element that experts use to better understand where South Africa Phone Number List things are going and how they should position themselves to connect with consumers. But the studies and analyzes should not be taken as a dogma of faith. For one thing, the studies themselves have a certain expiration date. Consumers and society change, which means that there are no truths set in stone in the world of marketing.

It Is Not Only a Question of How Long Things Continue to Work

Perhaps the key to understanding it is that consumers are not completely honest or perhaps. The key is that the vision they have of themselves is not the one that adjusts to reality and they. Believe that they are more splendid than they really are. People say they would spend as much as twice as much, on average. As they actually do when they find themselves in more realistic circumstances. Says one of the researchers responsible for the study on the issue that they just carried out at Ohio state. University and Louisiana state South Africa Phone number university. The study crossed two data sources. On the one hand, it took into account what the participants indicated. That they were willing to spend on different things.

What They Had Said in One Field Did Not Correspond to What

The researchers also debunked a myth that college students give less reliable data. However, the result of the observations of the study pointed to another situation. College kids are as untrustworthy or as South Africa Phone Number List trustworthy as any other demographic. Solving the problem is possible, something that researchers are interested in achieving more realistic data. When you have an informative talk with consumers beforehand and ask them to be honest in a clearer way, pointing out how people tend to give inflated figures in studies, it usually makes them more honest.

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