WordPress Online Store Website Creation Solution

WordPress can be a solution in creating an online store. This is because in the current digitalization era, creating a dream online store is not a difficult thing. We can create a website-based online store easily. One of the tools that we can use to easily create an online store website is wordpress. Before discussing further about how to use these tools, it would be nice to first get acquainted with wordpress. Let’s see the full review below. Understanding WordPress WordPress is an easy way to create a website. When we need a platform to build a website, there are various ways and platforms that you can use. For example, you can use manual habits by using HTML coding. But there is also an easier habit, namely using a CMS or Content Management System.

Friendly to Beginners and Members

CMS makes it easy for us to build websites without having to understand coding. There are various CMS for building websites and WordPress is one of them. WordPress is a website establishment platform created by Matt Mullenweg and Mike CL Leads Little in 2003. The history of the development of this platform stems from the closing of a blogging software called b2 cafeblog, Matt and Mike as users of  cafeblog, initiated the establishment of a similar software WordPress is a blog platform that has gone through many cycles, such as building websites for many phone numbers in croatia things, such as static websites, online store websites, business profile websites, property websites, and others.

Many Tutorials Available Plugins Abound


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This platform is open-source and free for all its users. Millions of people from all over the world can build a quality website that has a modern form and has a variety of features. The proof is that this platform is widely used by various large companies. Some of them are SONY Music, Microsoft News Center, Bata, and many more. Reasons for Use After detecting what WordPress is, it’s time to think about the advantages of using the platform, especially in creating an online store. Here’s the reason: 1. Friendly to Beginners and Members The first advantage is that it is easy to use so that it can be used by anyone, both people who are programming experts and the general public. We don’t have to be programming experts. Armed with a strong will and interest in learning, we can run a professional website using WordPress.

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