Some Thoughts on Canada Cell Phone Number E-commerce Live Streaming

E-commerce live broadcast, in essence, is a way to guide people to shop. This article mainly tells from four aspects, the author’s views on e-commerce live broadcast. In terms of live broadcast, it is essentially a shopping guide. In the current as well as consumer market. Commodities are very rich, and every field is full of many merchants Canada Cell Phone Number  competing. Consumers usually face two problems. They have clear needs, but do not know which product to buy. Or there are hidden needs, which I do not know on the surface, thereprocess of cultivation and activation. Shopping guides two or three years ago were mainly focus on: e-commerce event pages. personaliz recommendations. graphic introductions. and various advertisements such as video clips.

E-commerce live broadcast, in essence, is a way to guide .

In recent years, they have quickly expand to short videos and live broadcasts. The role of various forms of shopping guides is to inform users that the product is the most suitable when facing the user’s clear demand, or to activate (or seed) the consumer’s implicit demand by displaying the product. Resulting in a desire to buy. . The article is a Canada Cell Phone Number  bit as well as  long . Aainly 4 pieces of content: Analyze live broadcasts from the perspective of users making purchases. Live scene positioning. A perspective on industry sustainability. For entertainment time, analyze Lao Luo’s first live broadcast. The three elements of shopping are reflect in the live broadcast To achieve shopping. There are three points for consumers: the desire to buy the product. The trust in the transaction, and the price of the product to meet the psychological expectations .

In recent years, they have quickly expand to short videos.

Canada Cell Phone Number
Canada Cell Phone Number

The following is an explanation of how these three points are reflect in the live broadcast. 1. Desire to buy Only after there is a desire to buy will we consider the price and whether it is guarante. The biggest difference between live broadcast Canada Cell Phone Number  and other shopping guide forms is that when interacting with users. It is passive to active and can communicate with each other. If Li Jiaqi record a program in advance and releas it, it would be a large as well as  rollover scene. When everyone frantically said “he doesn’t deserve it” on the barrage .

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