Some Things to Determine Audience Insight

In this article, we will discuss in more detail about the 3 (three) types of Audience Insights on Facebook Ads, more specifically in determining Audience Insights. You can use this as a target for advertising your product or service business. The audience we mean here is Facebook users from all over the world. Covers a wide range of interests, habits, character, and other differences. You, as an advertiser, are supposed to find and have the most suitable audience group for your product or service business. You can find specific audience settings in the Adsets section. You are free to determine the target audience on the ad can be based on age, behavior, interests, location, and demographics.

Types of Audience in Facebook

Until now, Facebook Ads is one of the most powerful advertising platforms . Allows you to advertise to a very specific target audience. There are 3 (three) types in determining Audience Insights on Facebook Ads that you can use as your ad target: Saved Audience Custom Audience Lookalike Audience Types of Audience in Facebook 1. Saved Audience Another term is broad audience or a broad audience that does not yet have a target. This type of audience is formed from industry mailing list a detailed targeting composition that you create manually through Adset.

Lookalike Audience


industry mailing list


When you create a target using a broad audience, you must be able to determine the type of audience. Like what if it is suitable for advertising the product or service that you will offer. Therefore, this is a step to determine the earliest target audience for those of you who are the first to advertise. 2. Custom Audience If you have often advertised using CL Leads Saved Audience, then you already have the data. Whether it’s from a collection of customer emails , phone numbers, or pixel databases recorded through your site. So through this data, you can convert it into an audience on Facebook Ads by uploading the data. Based on the image above, there are several custom audience features available, including: a. Website You can create custom audiences based on the data of people who enter your website recorded from Pixel.

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