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For Semarang residents who need a mobile phone or computer application, you can use the services of the software house . Software house is a company engaged in the IT sector that focuses on software or application development. However, not infrequently they also offer other types of services to expand customer reach. Here, we will summarize the recommendations of a software house whose name is quite well known in Semarang. Let’s see! Crocodic They are one of the application service providers that have more than 10 years of experience. This means that the results of the applications they have made have also been proven to be successful and of premium quality.

They Are One of the Application Service

The clients who make applications at Crocodic are also not from small companies. Indomaret, Mandiri, Frisian Flag, Honda, and even Angkasa Pura have entrusted their applications to Crocodic with a satisfaction rate of 90%. The application services they provide include HR management applications, event registration , systems for courier fleets, and also e-commerce . Click here for complete information. Computer rides Wahana Computer is an IT and Computer-based service provider that has been established since 1990. During their 30 years poland phone format of existence, they have improved the quality of their IT-based services to meet all needs.

Wahana Computer is an It and Computer

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In addition to website and application development services for various sectors, they also provide e-book and e-library application development services. In addition, they have an offline store at their head office that sells computer hardware and accessories and equipment, as well as CCTV equipment. They also provide certified IT courses on a national scale. One CL Leads of the software houses that has quite a good name in the city of Semarang is TECHNOSINDO. In operating their business, they carry the concept of one-stop-service . The services they offer are also diverse and can satisfy their clients only at TECHNOSINDO. In addition to developing mobile applications and websites, they also provide company branding services, logo design and even UI & UX design.

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