Use Adwords Smart Bidding

And here’s the best part about it: Drafts and Experiments give you the ability to run pure A/B testing so the numbers can speak. Here is a guide to setting up such a test.


What’s especially interesting: When we announced Smart Bidding, we also announced that you’ll soon be able to set device performance goals with Target CPA bidding. If users converting on different devices have different values ​​for you, you can use Smart Bidding with separate CPA goals per device. It’s cool.

Manually set device bid adjustments

The interaction of offers with adjustments can be a confusing process (as Fred Vallaeys made it clear earlier this month). I’ve had many conversations about this internally and here’s what I think is the best process for setting your device’s bid adjustments.

Start the process with your most specific bids (like keyword-level bids), trying to achieve your desired performance Panama WhatsApp Number List goals at the overall level of your account (or auction portfolio) across all devices. Basically, modify your bids at the keyword level, using the unsegmented data from the Keywords tab. The key here is to have an acceptable return on investment while getting as much volume as possible. Efficiency is not the same as profit, so fully consider what your performance goals should be.

Think of it this way: if mobile performance is significantly

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Think of it this wa if mobile performance is significantly. Better than your average campaign cpa and tablet performance is significantly worse. It’s probably a good idea to raise bids on mobile and desktop, while lowering bids on the shelves. By bringing the performance of each segment closer to the overall average. Your campaign should become more effective and drive more total conversions.

For example, for mobile bid adjustments, you can divide your campaign’s total CPA by the mobile CPA. You can then apply this figure to the existing mobile bid adjustment. It is very important to note that this is an ongoing process;

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