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Nike then distributed his portrait, which Hong Kong Phone Number  read ” Believe in something. ” Even if it means sacrificing everything. Just do it. Nike therefore glaringly chose its side in this politically charged discussion. Not everyone could agree with this Hong Kong Phone Number action; a few distributed videos in response of them burning their Nike sneakers. Nevertheless, the action garnered a lot of sympathy below the line. 4. Be consistent and sincere Incidentally, such Hong Kong Phone Number  statements have to fit in with the ‘story’ and the face you put down. Do not make a social position dependent on the zeitgeist or any circumstances. As a brand, this shows a very ugly face: that of opportunism.

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In this way Patagonia was able to make the statement Hong Kong Phone Number from the previous point of this article credible: it has been expressing itself for years against social injustice. Although especially in the field of nature conservation, in general the brand shows a Hong Kong Phone Number progressive face in such expressions. 5. Drive interaction People have a problem with brands that only transmit. Again, this is important from a human perspective. After all, nobody conducts a Hong Kong Phone Number monologue all day long. We look up the conversation. As a brand, that is therefore also sensible. Some questions you can ask: Ask your target group for their opinion, their experiences.

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Use a campaign to do some sort of customer satisfaction Hong Kong Phone Number  survey, and don’t be afraid of negative reactions. Incidentally, it is best to ask about other matters than what concerns your services and products. Also ask about something that plays in the Hong Kong Phone Number  experience world and touches on your brand. 6. Don’t just talk about yourself and don’t just talk about yourself This advice is also immediately understandable if you translate it into human Hong Kong Phone Number  behaviour. Nobody likes people who only talk about themselves. So it causes irritation when brands do this. Look beyond your own products and services. For example, tap into current events, without directly linking your own brand to it.

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