Sharing Is About to Thailand Cell Phone Number Become a False Proposition

The sharing economy is on fire, and share books that have been silent for a few years have also returne to the public eye. But not everything can be share, and the life of share books. Which is emerging in the second time, is not as easy Thailand Cell Phone Number as imagine. In 2010, the non-profit sharing book website Zanzai Bookshelf and social library Green Tomato were born. Which sparke a wave of book sharing, but the road to sharing books seems not to be easy. Without a trace. Green Tomato starte trying to transform in 2013. And it ende in failure. In recent years, the fire of the sharing economy has once again brought share books back to the public eye. And a new generation of share book platforms such as book borrowers and book nests have emerge one after another. But their days are still not easy.

The Sharing Thailand Cell Phone Number Economy Is on .

Ups and downs, the roller coaster road of setting up bookshelves and green tomatoes In 2010, the first generation of share book entrepreneurs began to flex their muscles. But no one thought that after the explosion, they would be caught Thailand Cell Phone Number off guard by death. 1. Sending love to Utopia, placing bookshelves eventually lost to public welfare With the slogan “Let love drift in the hands of book lovers”. In 2010, the Bookshelf appeare in people’s field of vision, and since then it has gradually become known due to the publicity of the Internet celebrity “He Caitou”. As far as the model is concerne, the swing bookshelf is operate by members voluntarily donating books and borrowing books from each other. And the courier fee of the books is voluntarily paid by the lender.

Ups and Thailand Cell Phone Number Downs, the Roller.

Thailand Cell Phone Number
Thailand Cell Phone Number

That is to say, the more books users donate, the more points they will get, and the more books they can borrow. Which is a win-win result for the bookshelf. However. The problem also lies in this model. Slowly, this model begins to Thailand Cell Phone Number  deteriorate, and the constant borrowing requests are more like torture. The borrower spends time and money to meet an unknown stranger, which has been It is a very big test for both body and mind. Once someone breaks the rules and stops it. The fewer books there are, the lower the circulation rate will be, and eventually you will end up with unresponsive unilateral borrowing requests. In the end. The bookshelf was unsustainable and die completely two years later. So. Where exactly did the placement of the bookshelf fail? First.  Sharing is easy to fall into a vicious circle.

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