Seven Points of View on Azerbaijan Cell Phone Number the Construction of K12 Online

The author of this article will talk about how to create a good ucational product from his own understanding of the construction of ucational products. enjoy~I especially like what a colleague of mine said, that is, the ucational product you made yourself, would you like to let your own children use it in the future? Many people say Azerbaijan Cell Phone Number  that making ucational products requires emotion, but I think it is more responsible. Emotion alone is not enough to make educational products. It takes more energy, thought, and sense of responsibility, so that the drawbacks of offline education can be avoid. To solve it in an online way can better realize the essence of education, which is to ucate people and become talents, rather than becoming an examination machine.

The Author of This Article Will Talk About How to Create.

Therefore, when making educational products, you can’t focus on commercial purposes. You have to settle down and make the product well. When the product is good, you can promote it, and then someone will use it. After the effect is us, it will generate word of mouth. Otherwise, it will be a one-shot deal. Once users use it once, they Azerbaijan Cell Phone Number  will never use it again; it will also generate negative communication, and the customer acquisition cost of the final product will become higher and higher. It has to acquire new users all the time, and the final product will be ignor. Judging from my own understanding of the construction of educational products, I think that to create a good ucational product, we can start from the following points:1. Work steadily and start from the basic content Don’t think that you can quickly create a business model to realize it from the beginning. Educational products are not like common Internet products.

Therefore, When Making Educational Products, You Can’t Focus.

Azerbaijan Cell Phone Number
Azerbaijan Cell Phone Number

Educational Products, You Can’t Focus.You can use the smallest MVP product to quickly verify. If an educational product does not reach a certain level of perfection, teachers, parents, and even students will not pay for it, and will only be consider a defective product. After selecting the product model, we should sort out the product functions of the Azerbaijan Cell Phone Number  first version bas on the business process, product framework structure, and basic content preparation requir by this model, and continue to polish and pilot until the entire model can run through. Only then can you verify. At the same time, we keep improving the product and make it perfect. 2. Making tools is only auxiliary, making content is king Educational products take content as the king. I believe everyone agrees on this point. Without content, there has been no involvement in the essence of education.

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