Service and Value Italy Cell Phone Number Reconstruction in Real Estate

In traditional real estate transactions, real estate agents and interm iaries play a very critical role. Selling developers’ real estate to consumers in the form of agents, and earning transaction commissions and cases through services such Italy Cell Phone Number  as marketing, case study. Consultation, and viewing. Field service fee. The commission is generally between 1.5 and 4%, and even the real estate projects that are difficult to sell have very high commissions. For example, a house of 600,000 may have a commission of 100,000. Such a multi-layer transaction chain has exist stably in the past. But what will happen under the Internet? Let’s analyze one by one.

In traditional real estate transactions, real estate agents.

Why do real estate agents use agents? 1) Real estate developers will not sell houses by themselves: the core of real estate developers is to use their own brand. Capital and other resource advantages to obtain high-premium land, build and Italy Cell Phone Number  sell the house, quickly collect funds, and then find land to build a house to achieve Rapid turnover of resources. Property sales will not be consider strategically. 2) There is no substitute for real estate marketing agents and interm iaries: large-scale transactions have higher requirements for services and require a large number of people to participate.

Why do real estate agents use agents? 1) Real estate developers.

Italy Cell Phone Number
Italy Cell Phone Number

For reasons 1, real estate developers will not support such people. 3) The driving force for real estate developers to sell their own houses: Real estate is a cyclical product. And there will be transaction motivations such as upgrading from small houses to generous houses. And replacement of houses in school districts. For big brands Italy Cell Phone Number and real estate developers with real estate in many provinces. A customer who deeply recognizes the brand will give priority to the brand of the first home when there is a replacement appeal. For example. Vanke has a reward policy for old customers: there will be a 2-point discount for the replacement of old customers. If an old customer is introduc and made a deal. The old customer will receive a reward of 3‰, and the new customer will have a discount.

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