Sertifikasi Digital Marketing Di Indonesia

At present, there have been many digital marketing certifications in Indonesia. Digital certification is getting familiar in our environment because it is one of the supports in the career we want. In Indonesia, there are some digital marketing certification that you can follow!. For those of you who want to know what is digital marketing certification in Indonesia, read this article until it runs out! Digital Marketing Certification in Indonesia 1. BNSP Digital Marketing Certification The National Professional Certification Agency (BNSP) is an independent body responsible for the President who has the authority as the authority of personnel certification and is tasked with carrying out professional competency certification for labor in accordance with Law Number 13 of 2003 Article 18 paragraph 5 concerning employment.

Sertifikasi Digital Marketing BNSP

Digital marketing certification from BNSP is included in the first place considering the institution with the most credible validity. In addition, through its website, there are already around 223 digital marketing certificates from BNSP. This certification is available starting from the price of Rp1,000,000. The available modules are quite complete, starting from how to create content to discussion of influencers. However, every 3 years, you must update the certificate. 2. Facebook Blueprint Then, one of the social media with very many users in Indonesia is Facebook. Facebook has around 140 million users. For online business people, Facebook is a means that buy business email list can be used to advertise because it can reach the right target through the FB algorithm.

Youtube Creator Academy


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Therefore, business and MSME companies are looking for competent digital marketers to help build personal branding through Facebook. One way to become a reliable digital marketer is to follow the certification of the Facebook BluePrint program. You can get a certificate from 8 modules, where you must complete the learning in the module with a CL Leads minimum score of 700. Certification from FB BluePrint is valid for 1 year. To get it back, you must follow the learning from the module again. Facebook Blue Print Certification fee averaged around Rp2,200,000. Also read about the advantages of digital marketing courses for employees 3. Youtube Creator Academy Finally, there is a digital marketing certification program from Youtube Creator Academy.

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