Write SEO Friendly Articles For Websites

When writing articles for website needs, of course, special attention is needed on how to make them appear on the first page of Google. Especially for people who have a business in online media. SEO Friendly articles make it easy for visitors to find your articles just by writing certain keywords or keywords.


Curious about how to write SEO Friendly articles? On this occasion, we will discuss how to write SEO friendly articles for websites. Let’s see the explanation!

What are SEO Friendly Articles?

SEO Friendly articles are articles that are made based on the provisions and rules of good writing and by using Search Engine Optimization techniques. So, when you write an article on a website or blog, it is not only based on the tastes of the reader, but usa phone number list also must be friendly to search engines.

Why Are SEO Friendly Articles Important?


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One of the reasons is because whether or not many people read the articles you make will depend on the quality of the article writing and the information contained in it.

Articles with Google SERPs will definitely attract a lot of visitors and be read a lot, especially if the article contains a lot of information that suits the needs of internet users.

Creating friendly articles with the Google search engine is not easy. You need to master SEO techniques and good and correct article writing. You need to do research related to keywords that are often used by internet users, so the possibility of articles to appear on the main page of Google is getting bigger.

How to Write SEO Friendly Articles

Here are some ways you can do to write SEO Friendly articles that you can try to apply in your articles:

Choosing the Right Keywords

The first thing you should pay attention to before writing is choosing the right keywords or keywords. Choosing the right keywords will be able to generate more visits and increase website traffic. Therefore, you can create keywords that are being searched for a lot.

Choose Trending Information

Information selection is also an important thing that needs to be considered in writing search engine friendly articles. Discussing the information that is needed by internet users can be the main attraction in your article. That way the articles you create will have a greater chance of appearing on the main page of search engines.

Using Interesting Titles

The title of the article is also one way for your article to appear on the main page of Google. In addition, the use of an attractive title will invite many internet visitors to view your articles and website.

Use External and Internal Links

The use of external and internal links will have a considerable influence on the SEO performance of your articles. Internal links will help readers find other relevant information from your website. While external links are used for references that you use in writing or citing sources.

Pay attention to the length of the article

Search engine friendly articles have at least 300 words with information that is easy for readers to understand. Make the length of the article depending on the needs of the website which ranges from 300-800 words for each article.

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