How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace

It’s no secret that Facebook is a social media that you can use to sell. Yes, social media Facebook has the most active users in the world. Facebook marketplace is one of the features that people really like. This feature is free so everyone can sell here. This article will discuss How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace. Also read Facebook Business Account, Steps how to Create it What is Facebook Marketplace Facebook Marketplace is a place where people can find, buy and sell stuff. Registering on Marketplace allows you to reach an even wider audience of buyers. Facebook Marketplace is a Facebook feature that allows you to sell online as usual.

What is Facebook Marketplace

This feature is similar to Tokopedia, Shopee, etc. Facebook Marketplace is a free feature provided by Facebook so that everyone can sell here. Steps to Post Sales on Login to your Facebook account Click Marketplace.  Click Items for Sale. Select category Upload photo Enter Title and Description and more Click publish If you are a merchant who has an online store and want to reach more people to increase the number of sales or you want to immediately example of an italian phone number sell your used products in the market. There are some tips that need to be considered so that the products you sell sell quickly.

Steps to Post Sales on


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Make sure you have correctly identified the category of goods or services you offer before posting to the Facebook marketplace. For product photos, use clear, original, or original photos as-is, so that your potential buyers don’t get items that don’t match. Enter CL Leads the price that matches the price of the item. Many sellers write lower prices but that is not the actual price. This will confuse potential sellers and indirectly make your reputation as a bad seller and buyers will not believe. When determining your location, make sure you have it configured correctly. Because if it’s not true, it’s unlikely that potential buyers will find what you’re selling.

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