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Take for example PA and BUB electronic invoicing . Today thanks to the skills and competitive advantage accumulated over years.  Of study and participation in institutional discussions on the subject. E can offer perfectly updated solutions on the legislation, technologically advanced and simple .  For the management of electronic invoices and other documents.

Drive Turnover And Net Profit

Our belief is that the most consistent benefits can be obtain. By extending the innovations to the entire document process, which includes issuing, transmission, archiving and conservation. Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List Or the digital autonomy of the Agent Network : on his SmartPhone or Tablet, even in the absence of connectivity, the agent can complete the entire order process.

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In View Of The Listing

Can access information regarding assigned customers to evaluate which commercial conditions to apply or check the financial situation, check product availability and sales conditions for the customer in the article catalog , register the sales order that synchronizes with management orders from the company as soon as you connect.

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