What is the Sandler Sales System and What is It for

Have you heard or read anything about the Sandler sales system? Many companies focus on improving all aspects of their marketing processes , which is a good thing, but tend to neglect their sales methodologies and strategies, which—obviously—ends up making it harder to get results. In this context, there is a method that has been use since 1967 —more than 50 years ago—, and that continues to work today: the Sandler system. do you want to know what is it about? In this article we will tell you what the Sandler sales methodology is , and what its characteristics are, but above all how you can apply it to your business. What is the Sandler sales technique? So what is the Sandler sales methodology? It’s actually quite simple to understand:

What is the Sandler Sales Technique

The Sandler Sales System focuses on how sales reps should interact with their customers, acting as “consultants” rather than pushy salespeople. This strategy was develope by David Sandler in 1967. But what does it mean that they are like “consultants”? In traditional sales, sellers usually try to convince the person to buy, explaining the characteristics of the product or service, offering special discounts, emphasizing differentiation from the competition, etc. However, when a salesperson has a “Sandler Training”, he puts his efforts into asking exploratory cfo email list questions during the sales process , in order to understand the customer’s problem and thus help him make the purchase decision.

Features of the Sandler system in sales


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As a result, the prospect is not overwhelme by the seller’s insistence, and a relationship of trust is create between both parties, greatly facilitating closing the sale. Salesperson with Sandler Training Features of the Sandler system in sales Although the concept of the Sandler methodology is quite understandable, there are certain features that CL Leads will help you have a deeper understanding of it: The seller should not be too insistent with the sale , but should act as an advisor. This can be considere the same as HubSpot ‘s inbound methodology . The seller can abandon the sales process , if he detects that the product or service does not fit the needs of the potential customer.

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