Sales Tricks on Instagram for Beginners

Selling on Instagram has become the choice of many business people in today’s era. Instagram, as we all know, is a social media that provides features for its users to share photos and videos with each other. This feature can certainly be used by business people to sell their wares. However, selling on Instagram also requires a special strategy so that the products we sell can reach the right target market. If you are a novice seller on Instagram and don’t know what the right selling strategy is, you don’t need to worry. Here we will describe 3 selling tricks on Instagram for beginners so that you can achieve maximum sales results. Come on, let’s see.

Create a Special Account for Sales

Create a Special Account for Sales The first trick you have to do is to create a special sales account. Do not let you use a personal name on the account. The purpose of creating a special sales account is so that the account you create looks more professional and not related to personal matters. In creating a special sales account, it is better to use an account name that contains the ‘keywords’ that Instagram users usually search for. Suppose you sell children’s clothes, then the account you write is bajuanak_smg or jualbajuanak. Also read: Digital Marketing Content: Types philippines phone number and Benefits 2. Use a Business Account After using a special sales account, you can upgrade the account using a business Instagram account.

Finding Followers According to the Target Market


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A business account will convince potential customers more that your account is a professional account. In addition, by using a business account, you can see who are the Instagram users who visit your profile. Thus, you can conduct an analysis of how much consumer interest in the products you sell. 3. Finding Followers According to the Target Market After CL Leads creating an account, you can find followers that match your target market. Suppose you sell children’s clothes, then your target followers are mothers who have children. You can find people who are interested in your product by looking for them in parenting community accounts, parent education, women, or other communities. By directly targeting this kind of target market.

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