How to do Keyword Research on Shopee

Shopee is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in Indonesia. Shopee provides opportunities for business people to develop their business. However, unfortunately, many sellers or new shopee sellers do not pay attention to the game of keywords or keywords to sell on the Shopee marketplace. For this reason, it is mandatory for shopee sellers to know how to do keyword research on Shopee so that sales turnover can increase. Actually there are two types of success orientation on sales in the Shopee marketplace, namely: Successful sellers due to product display. Supported by factors of price, quality, promos, and so on. Sellers who are successful due to their foresight in seeing keyword or keyword opportunities and also understand Shopee SEO.

Keyword Research Shopee Store Name Username

If you feel that you don’t fit the criteria for the first point, you can try the second point so that your sales are successful. Moreover, novice Shopee sellers who of course will be very difficult to compete with old sellers or sellers if they only rely on the first point. The keyword research process takes time to find the perfect match. For that you have to do some research on related aspects starting from the keyword shopee store name/username, product, product name, title, to hashtag. Read also Get to know the term online shop, the ‘new king’ in the business world Keyword Research Shopee Store Name/Username Keyword research on shopee names or usernames is hong kong mobile number search important because it is useful for creating store branding. Use a brandable and creative name or username.

Product Keyword Research


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Make a word that is easy to remember. Use puns from your product. Use a short and unique store name and username. Choose a store name and username that is easy to type Avoid using numbers in usernames and store names. If there is, use the CL Leads name and username of the store that matches your product’s official social media brand Use a hyphen (-) to alternate the space of your store name to make it look more unique Remember, a Shopee username can only be created once and cannot be changed. So, make sure you create the right username. Product Keyword Research For product keyword research on Shopee, you can take advantage of available tools such as Google Trends, Google Keyword Planner, Shopee Keyword Related Search, and so on.

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