Reporting Mistakes That Can Make You Look Terrible

One of the most important parts of building a successful marketing career is being a good communicator, and for PPC managers, that includes sharing insightful reports. At Optmyzr, my company, we generate a lot of reports on behalf of marketers, and we’ve learned some things that might help you provide better ones. So here are five common reporting mistakes that make you look like a bad account manager and how to fix them.

Reports Sent Too Soon That Always Undervalue

1. Reports sent too soon that always undervalue ppc the reports you share. With clients should show how good you are at ppc. But when you get too flustered and send them out too soon. You Croatia WhatsApp Number List shoot yourself in the foot. Due to the laws of physics and the space-time continuum. The conversion always happens after the click. In reporting systems this means that clicks (and costs) always appear before conversions. (and sales value) so any kpis using those metrics – like cpa and roas – start by having. A bad appearance, then gradually improve.

If your conversions tend to occur within minutes

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If your conversions tend to Croatia WhatsApp Number List occur within minutes of the click, AdWords may report both events around the same time, but if you have a longer average time to conversion, that time frame may cause your reports to give the impression you make. terrible work. I experienced this myself when consulting with a client who wanted weekly status updates. Each time, he asked me why there were fewer conversions than for the same week last year.


The answer was simple: a good percentage of his conversions. And especially the higher value ones, tended to take several days. By looking at the data too early. We were still missing a lot of the value that would be generated days later. I found this quite easily through one of the standard AdWords reports on “Delay”. Take a look at this for your own data under AdWords > Tools > Attribution > Paths.

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