Traditional Media Is Still Relevant in the

For years search has been dominated by the directory model. Business listings ranked by various filters and containing basic. Nap data and perhaps enhanced information such as reviews.

New changes are coming in the form of media and models. In one year, voice search has gone from a failure on the radar to a game changer in search volume. This incredible growth is fueled by improved voice recognition. From devices exclusively designed for voice interaction. The impact is significant requiring a re-examination of the keywords.

The traditional display” model of results is als

Thumbtack seeks more details about what consumers need through a new customer intake questionnaire and forwards Finland WhatsApp Number List it to companies who can identify the value of this prospect and only pay when submitting a competing offer for the job. . Personal note: I hired my first Thumbtack service provider while writing this article, and it worked out great.

4. Third party listings become de facto landing pages

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Yet, as third-party listings make local business profiles more robust and information-rich, fewer consumers feel the need to click. This makes managing those third-party lists even more important – but companies aren’t keeping up.

Google reports that it costs five to ten times more to attract a new customer than to retain an old one. Whether it’s a local business trying to retain customers or a marketer retaining SMB advertisers, losing a customer to churn hurts.


And traditional marketing still delivers significant business volume. With the proliferation of media channels, platforms, and devices, audience reach has been greatly diluted in all but a few dominant channels. Therefore, reaching your existing customers through traditional media remains important and profitable.First the majority of local businesses do not claim the free profiles available. On sites like google my business (56% did not claim their listing). Yelp (66%) and yahoo bing and the bbb, all of which have unclaimed ad rates of around 80% or more. While these are tasks that small businesses can do on their own. It’s up to marketers to make sure they cover. The bases when talking to existing and potential customers.






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