What is the Purpose of Facebook Marketing

Did you know that currently advertising through social media is an important thing for your business or business. To increase sales or awareness of your product or service. One of the platforms or marketplaces that you can rely on is Facebook. Facebook is a large social media whose users are increasing every day besides Facebook has a wide reach for advertising. What is the purpose of Facebook Marketing? In this article we will cover several categories of goals in Facebook Marketing. So stay tuned! The advertising objectives on Facebook are divided into three categories that include several sub-categories including: awareness, consideration and conversion.

First of All We Will Talk About Consciousness

First of all, we will talk about consciousness Awareness has two sub categories, namely brand awareness and reach. 1. Brand awareness: This sub category or feature is used to increase awareness of your brand, so that customers will be aware of your product. 2. Reach: reach or expand your ad to as many customers or visitors as possible without exceeding the budget or budget plan that you have set. Of the two, you can combine the two to increase sales for your phone number lists for sale business. Second, we will discuss about considerations Considerations: contains traffic/traffic, interactions, application installation, video views, leads and messages.

Second We Will Discuss About Considerations


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App installs: this sub category aims to increase app installs ands direct from links on your page. 2. Traffic: this feature can increase the number of audiences who visit your website, mobile app, or conversations on Messenger, and increase the possibility for the audience to take certain actions while they are there. 3. Leads: this sub-category has CL Leads a purpose so that you can target an audience who is interested in knowing more about your brand, maybe even being a part or member of you. 4. Message: with this feature you can message with your audience or customers. 5. Interaction: this feature invites customers to follow or add your business friends so that their reach is wider.

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