Product Manager Daily Afghanistan Cell Phone Number Issue 1020

Hello, you and I meet at 7:30. Are you here? ^_^ Product Manager Daily will continue to bring you today’s latest information: You can directly insert advertisements in WeChat public account articles. Tencent wants to create as well as  a kind  Afghanistan Cell Phone Number of “watch while buying” ” shopping experience; Mobike enters London, UK first, second, third  at £0.50 per half hour. Yidao has obtain the Nanjing online car-hailing license.  And in like manner  has obtain 10 operating qualifications in total; Didi has reach strategic cooperation with European and African travel companies to support cross-regional Transportation technology innovation.

Hello, You and I Meet at 7:30. Are You Here.

WeChat “8.8 Cashless Day” was launch, giving out surprise incentives for 8 consecutive days; Tmall luxury channel was launch. And brand-target invitation system was implement; Canary version of Chrome browser add webpage Afghanistan Cell Phone Number  advertisement blocking function. Spotify paid users breakthrough 60 million mark… I’ve been walking on thin ice every day running the site, and of course  there’s never been a moment when I felt like tomorrow would be okay. It takes a lot of hard work every day to look good. And there is never a day where you don’t ned hard work to achieve the results you want.

Wechat “8.8 Cashless Day” Was Launch.

Afghanistan Cell Phone Number
Afghanistan Cell Phone Number

Advertisements can be insert directly into WeChat official account articles. Tencent wants to create a shopping experience of “watching while buying” WeChat has issu an invitation to internal testing to some traffic owners: directly implant advertisements into articles. At present.  in addition Optional advertisements are mainly bas on e-commerce  like Afghanistan Cell Phone Number  single products. After users click on the advertisements. They will equally enter the product purchase page. You can “buy while watching” while watching TV or browsing photo sites. In response, Tencent respond:  in the light of “Currently. The advertising promotion function in the text is being pilotd, and the specific uniquely  products and opening times have not been determin. If there are further testing/opening plans in the future. WeChat advertising will have official information notices.”

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