Peek Tips and Examples of Online Business Blogs

Are you guys starting an online business and confused about finding examples of blogs to promote them? Relax, this article will give examples of some tips for developing an online business blog. Let’s look at the explanation.

Determining the Type of Online Business

Before creating a blog, a very important first step is to determine the type of your online business. Different types of business, different blog designs that you have to create. There are at least 3 business categories.

  • one product category and one item
  • one product category and many items
  • Many product categories and many items

Why do you need to know this? Because designing a blog especially for business purposes is related to landing pages.

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Landing page is the page that first appears or appears when a visitor accesses a blog or website from paid search results. So, the landing page cyprus phone number must truly represent the business or brand that you create.

Become a Reseller


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If you still don’t have an idea about the product or service you want to make yourself, try becoming a reseller. The principle of reseller is to resell products belonging to other people’s brands. The working mechanism of the reseller itself is when someone buys a product through a blog, then you will get a commission from the sale.

The advantage of being a reseller is that often you don’t need to create your own promotional content. Because the seller is usually already prepared. So, all you have to do is re-promote it on your own platform.

Promote Online Business Blog to Multiple Platforms

In addition to continuing to promote your business through blogs, you also need to promote the blog to other platforms. There are lots of social media that you can use for business promotion. Starting from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, to TikTok.

Be an active seller. Don’t just post and then you’re done. Also try to interact with your potential customers. But don’t spam, ok? You might end up being considered a nuisance and potential customers leave.

Installing Ads

Further, if you have more budget, try to install ads. Currently, the advertising service that many bloggers use is Google Adsense.

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You can register blogs that are eligible to participate in becoming an ad publisher. Interestingly, if the blog has been approved then in the future you just need to create unique and interesting content to be able to bring in visits. Easy isn’t it?

SEO Optimization On Online Business Blogs

The most important tips from building a business blog is to do SEO optimization. Why? Because, with SEO optimization, your website has the opportunity to get top rankings on search engine pages. If you have entered the top ranking, it means that many internet users will see and visit your website. Customers can also increase and sales can increase.

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