Creating Landing Pages for Business Websites

As a businessman or digital marketer , you need to create a landing page for your website. This is one of the online marketing strategies to be able to attract new customers and also traffic to your site. In this article, we will discuss how to create a landing page and tips on how to optimize it. Check out the explanation below!

What is a Landing Page ?

A landing page is a static web page whose function is to focus on generating leads through certain actions. The action can be a single piece of text related to your main site or integrated as part of the website. The main focus in the text in order to vary depending on the type of business being run. The most common are landing texts that serve as directives for visitors to register for an account to get a free trial or trial , weekly newsletter or buy phone number list add products to cart.

Why do businesses need landing pages ?



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The website homepage can be messy because it is full of menu links, sidebar posts and others. Therefore having a landing page is very beneficial for your business because it can focus certain actions in order to increase conversion rates .

Landing pages can increase the response rate of website visitors because you show visitors what to do. The site’s average conversion rate is 2.35% with the top 10% of companies having three to five times higher than that. Your efforts in making advertising and social media marketing will have a positive impact. If you can put these strategies on the landing page effectively and efficiently in your business.

Then how do you create a landing page to generate a high conversion rate ? Here are the steps you can take!

Determine the Most Effective and Efficient Action

To be able to place it on the landing page and make sure that the campaign is in accordance with your business. But before that you need to break down into smaller targets first. You can get visitors to register to create an account to try a free trial or trial for a week or 30 days to get ebooks, newslatters , or discount vouchers

An example on Spotify will direct you to register an account and use the free version of the spotify feature. But you will hear some song ads. If you don’t want to listen to songs without ad distractions, you can buy a spotify premium package by clicking the banner on the ad.

For this reason, analysis and research of targets and their behavior is very much needed to create an effective landing page . Determine the average user and make it look as if you are those who want to listen and consume a product. Therefore. Then you will know what consumers need. You have to focus on optimization that can produce the conversion rate you want to achieve according to the goals of your business.

Creating a Clear Value Proposition

After that, you need to list the advantages of the extension that you were targeting clearly and in detail. Don’t write general things like the best solution for you or find happiness here. You must write in a concise, powerful and specific way as possible. That way, the message conveyed will be clearly heard by consumers. If necessary, also add a simple tagline as long as it supports your main value proposition .

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