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I list a number of trends in sales technology that can help you Cambodia Phone Number with this in this article. Trend 1. Remote is here to stay: hybrid & video selling Whether you hate it or love it, remote selling has broken through during the corona pandemic. In the Netherlands we always had the culture to drive everywhere for cups of coffee and prospect visits. And human contact is and Cambodia Phone Number remains important in sales. People (also in B2B) buy from people! But in many cases it is better to hold a video sales conversation, prospect with personal videos (more on that later in trend 2). Do Cambodia Phone Number meetings via Zoom or Teams. And you will have to train yourself as a sales professional to give. The customer the ultimate experience during those conversations. A well-known author in the field of virtual selling is Jeb Blount.

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That makes the education sector the second largest Cambodia Phone Number consumer of gamifi tools today. Fortune Business Insights says . 5. Games to generate user data A trend that manifest itself several years ago is marketing based on algorithms and data. And to Cambodia Phone Number retrieve that data. The use of game mechanics is a lucrative means. By challenging the users to engage in a playful interaction, a game database can collect detail insights about the values, behavior Cambodia Phone Number and reactions of individuals to a brand, service or product.

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And the following applies: the younger the buyer, the less Cambodia Phone Number contact he or she wants with a seller. Percentage of B2B buyers who don’t want direct contact. Source: Gartner The above also shows that buyers expect a perfect digital experience when they Cambodia Phone Number buy something. But in practice it is often unrealistic to expect that a sale without a seller can take place in B2B. In fact, the research shows that the number of buyers with regrets after a purchase Cambodia Phone Numberis 23% higher than if a seller was involved. In addition to investing in online digital experiences ( read my article about marketing technology trends for this ), it is also important to ensure an ultimate experience in your sales approach.

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