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Whether you’re writing a book, blog, or poem, use exclamation Algeria Phone Number marks sparingly. So don’t write: ‘Go away!!!’ crie the neighbor. But write: ‘Go away!’ crie the neighbor. Exclamation mark Photo source : Bekky Bekks on Unsplash If there is no text before. Algeria Phone Number after the exclamation mark, the exclamation mark is use as a warning sign. Other uses for the exclamation mark include: Symbolizes click consonants in South and East African languages Algeria Phone Number Logical negation in computer languages In mathematics, is part of the display of the factorial Slash One of the most common punctuation marks is the slash. The slash has many uses. It is a slant line that was historically use to mark commas and periods.

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Today, the slash stands for inclusivity or Algeria Phone Number exclusivity, fractions, divisions, and divisions between calendar dates. Of course, you also see the slash in the URLs of many websites, especially when navigating to web pages within the domain Algeria Phone Number name. Symbols: slash Image source: Wikipedia The slash is often misuse in compositions Algeria Phone Number with two equal parts, such as P/E and commuting. One then writes price/earnings ratio and commuting. When the slash goes in the opposite direction, it’s call a backslash .

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Nerd tidbit to conclude: In the distant past, a slash Algeria Phone Number was a variation of a vertical stripe and a dash. The Meanings of Typographic Symbols Isn’t it remarkable that you have been reading and writing these typographic symbols all your life, even though Algeria Phone Number you have only a minimal knowledge of some of them? Some are obscure and others downright confusing. There are some that you have use regularly, but maybe not always in the right way. With Algeria Phone Number my explanation of the meanings of these typographic symbols, I hope you will be able to recognize these characters when you come across them while reading, or use them yourself in your branding, marketing, storytelling or web design.

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