Advantages and Disadvantages of Instagram That You

Instagram or what we usually call IG or insta is a social media application that refers to sharing information through photos and videos that are equipped with several features and digital filters which then share the results to various social networks. Instagram Strengths and Weaknesses You Must Know As we know, nowadays technology has become more sophisticate with digital collaboration. There are enough people who understand and understand how to use digital technology as well as the available social media. Such as for business needs, entertainment, social interaction, information facilities, and so on. Of course, every social media application has its advantages and disadvantages. And now I will discuss specifically about the advantages and disadvantages of Instagram.

Advantages of Instagram

Let’s see the explanation! Advantages of Instagram Security and Privacy For Users The security and privacy policies on Instagram are considere very strict. For example if we enable the privacy feature, then our Instagram account profile will be locke and only visible to some followers that we only approve. Has Unique and Interesting Features When we finish making photos or videos on the Instagram application, we can add funny and interesting effects and filters that are available. In fact, we can use the filter directly when we take photos or videos directly from the Instagram application. And more interestingly, in the live broadcast feature, we china phone number list can invite some of our friends to do a live broadcast at the same time.

Disadvantages of Instagram


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Also Read: Knowing and Understanding Instagram Ads Providing Business Account Features for Users For those of us who have businesses, Instagram has features that make it very easy for us to do business. By converting a personal account into a business CL Leads account, we can do promotions, create catalogs, and determine the target market that is in accordance with the business we live. And there are many more features of Instagram business accounts that we must try. Disadvantages of Instagram Must Update Periodically Instagram continues to develop new features regularly. However, we as users can enjoy these new features after we update the Instagram application that we have.

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