Newbie Using Tiktok Check the Tutorial Here

Is it possible for beginners to use TikTok? Of course you can but you have to know first what the TikTok App is. TikTok is a social networking site or platform to entertain its users through a short video and accompany it with music. TikTok is an App which was newly launche in september 2016 by Zhang Yiming. The TikTok application is an application for recording, The TikTok application is quite popular today in the community or abroad.

What is the TikTok App

Using the TikTok Application is very easy and through this media we can share and create videos with a duration of 15s, 60s, and 3m. TikTok loves to do and invites its users to do Video Challenges. TikTok has become a lot of users because it often and never stops to do Video Challenges. Read 5 Benefits of Blogging For Your Business TikTok users are not only ordinary residents but influencers and actresses from various countries also play the TikTok application. TikTok Tutorial for Beginners Search TikTok App on Google Play Store Download or install the TikTok application first Thinking of an idea to shoot your first video on TikTok Record by clicking the get a korean number bottom center button that reads the sign.

TikTok Tutorial for Beginners


get a korean number

Do the moves you’ve been thinking about After finishing recording, you can preview the recordings that have been made Edit as you wish Input Audio/Sound locate at the bottom left Press “Next” locate in the lower right corner Write captions and add hashtags you want and Upload/Post the Video Making Videos on TikTok is not difficult and using it is easy CL Leads too. If you want to follow a Viral or Fyp video, of course you can and the stages of making it are the same if you want to use the same music as the Fyp video, just click on the sound locate below the video. Recording videos on TikTok of course has effects, filters and so on and of course you can use them very easily. read more articles on Campus Digital.

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