Monetize your SEO expertise

I have a theory: the best SEO practitioners in the world are not consultants helping their clients get rich. Rather, they are their own customers. Or, if they have customers, they’ve found a way to have them on a pay-for-performance model to share the customer’s benefits.

How are these rock-star SEOs their own clients, you ask? This can be a range of things – it can be affiliates, sellers of “infoproducts” or lead generators that take advantage of SEO expertise. Or a combination of the above.

One thing is for sure they use their SEO knowledge

One thing is for sure: they use their SEO knowledge and expertise to make money on their own rather than helping  Austria WhatsApp Number List clients make all the money and get paid for their time. Dollar advice for hours is hard work and does not fit.

Contrast that with building an income-generating asset – an asset that earns you money while you sleep . It can increase in value even when you don’t spend energy and time on it.

One thing that I drilled into my children’s

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One thing that I drilled into my children’s heads from an early age was the value of building assets rather than working for a living. Years ago I read in the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” that an asset is something that puts money in your pocket every month, whereas a liability is something that takes money away from you money every month. Given these definitions, what is the house you own – an asset or a liability? Obviously it’s a liability, unless you’ve moved and are renting it out for more than your mortgage payment. One of the assets you build could be technology that everyone would want if they knew it existed. I created an example of such a SEO platform in 2003.






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