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Concepts in Digital Marketing are evolving to become more and more unique over time. By utilizing existing technologies as well as studies on audience behavior, Digital Marketers will be increasingly motivated to create unique concepts. The trends circulating in the community also greatly affect the formation of the digital marketing concept. Now, let’s find out here about the unique concept of Digital Marketing ever! Also read Digital Marketing Strategy: Trends in 2021 Emotional Storytelling It seems, this digital marketing concept will never be timeless. One reason is that they take advantage of the empathy and emotional turmoil that exists within every human being.

These Unique Concepts Often Appear

Usually, advertisers will make videos, comics, or any content with a dominant storyline that has a sad emotional feel. By creating content containing stories that touch the heart, the audience will easily melt and pay more attention to the brand . An example is when Levi’s in the Philippines made an advertisement for their product that told the story of a father who gave a Christmas present to his blind son. Check out the full video here! Augmented Reality Who says you can only find augmented reality technology in games ? For those of you who don’t know, augmented reality or AR as another term, is a technology that unites 2D-3D engineering objects denmark phone number into a real environment and projects these objects in real and real terms.

Emotional Storytelling 


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That is, you can seem to see objects that do not necessarily exist in the real world become real through the device you are using. Examples of successful brands in implementing AR marketingthis is Nike. The world-famous sports shoe brand uses this technology to help customers see whether their shoe choices match or not through their cellphones. For CL Leads more details, check the information here! Use of Memes The widespread use of the internet as a means to socialize produces comedians in the digital realm. One of the tools used as a comedic approach for comedians is memes. Memes are images or videos uploaded in cyberspace, where they display comedic elements in the form of a person’s reaction to an event by using funny pictures or photos. Currently, memes have penetrated into the world of Digital Marketing.

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