Marketing Tips Without Facebook ads

Facebook is one of the most popular social media nowadays. Facebook may upload information about ourselves and it can be seen by other users who are friends with us on facebook. In Indonesia, the number of people who use Facebook reaches 77 million people. Wow! That’s a fantastic number, isn’t it? In this day and age, Facebook is not only use to share posts or information about themselves, but many who use Facebook can share content, update status, even now there are Facebook ads that are use to sell. Facebook is a good market, the more users there are, the more likely your product will sell well. Are you interest in selling on Facebook but you don’t have the capital.

First You Can Sell on Your Personal Facebook Account

Don’t worry, these are tips for you to sell products on Facebook without capital! First, you can sell on your personal facebook account cheaper than facebook ads. Although Facebook doesn’t allow you to sell on a personal account, Facebook does allow if there is an interlude between these sales or create a Facebook account to sell your products to make it look more serious in sales. Second, change your account to be more professional. Make your banners, profile photos and photo uploads more attractive to customers. But still have to look professional, for colombia phone number whatsapp example, fill out a page about you with a professional. Third, befriend your target.

Second Change Your Account to Be More Professional

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You can search on the pages about the items you sell and join groups or add friends from within the group. Fourth, be consistent in posting your sales. So that buyers can be intereste in your sales, keep posting even if there are no likes or comments on the post. This method is easier than spending money on Facebook Ads. Finally, reply to messages and comments CL Leads quickly. Besides looking more professional, many people like it when you reply to their messages quickly, especially if your customers need the items you sell quickly. If you have accumulate capital, we recommend that you start registering for Facebook ads so that your sales reach is wider and has many benefits.

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