Is AI bad for sustainable SEO Malaysia Phone Number

Using an AI tool to write your content is not necessarily a bad idea. In fact, it could even fit well into a sustainable SEO strategy. It all depends on how you use such a tool! You should be the architect of the story you want to tell. The idea, the message, the originality should come from you. And if you’re the architect who designs the building, then someone else can help do your construction work. If you use an AI tool to do the construction work for you, it could probably work out just fine! Just make sure to design an awesome story!

Some tips on how to do sustainable SEO

What should you be doing if you focus on ranking in Google in the long run? Let’s check out our three top tips!

1. Write some awesome cornerstone content

First and foremost, make sure to write some really good articles on your website. It is of great importance that you put effort into writing articles with content that is evergreen and valuable for years to come. Those articles should be lengthy, well-optimized, readable little gems. Malaysia Phone Number Moreover, make sure to put in some SEO love and update such articles regularly.

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2. Get your internal linking structure in good shape

Google has a hard time figuring out which content is the most important. Your internal linking structure is really important to Malaysia Phone Number help Google figure out where the most important content on your website is located. Internal linking is something you need to maintain and update regularly.

3. Regularly do keyword research

You need to make sure you’re writing about the topics your audience wants to read about. And that could very well change over time. So, every now and then you need to get inside the heads of your readers again. Which topics do they like, which words are they using to search and find your content? Is your keyword strategy still up to date or does it need refinement?

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