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In this video he gives some useful tips: To get better at Chile Phone Number virtual selling, it’s important to analyze your conversations and have the tools to optimize conversations. A term that you also hear more often is Sales Readiness Software . By using tools such as Chile Phone Number Mindtickle or Showpad , you give sales the knowledge and skills to have the right conversations during the entire customer journey . Trend 2. Personal video, you can’t do without it in 2022 Following Chile Phone Number the above trend, the use of personalized video is indispensable. In 2021 you were still quite unique if you approached a prospect via video with a personal message. In 2022 this will become much more normal.

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The younger target group in particular – who prefer Chile Phone Number digital contact – will also expect this. Personal video tools such as Vidyard , BombBomb and Dubb are super easy to use and can be used in the following situations, for example: prospecting You can’t get Chile Phone Number people on the phone over the phone, and people like to see who they are doing business with. Then, when you approach a prospect, send a personal video via email and LinkedIn explaining why you Chile Phone Number think you can help the prospect. You can find a complete explanation about video prospecting in the video below. Tendering process It is a lot of work to make an offer.

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After an intake interview, you start enthusiastically Chile Phone Number on a quote that you send digitally. And that is often a boring document. If you provide the quotation with a personal video explanation, you ensure on the one hand that you convey the enthusiasm and on the Chile Phone Number other hand you give the recipient the opportunity to share your story (and personality) with the rest of the decision making unit (DMU) on the customer side. . We (at Marketing Guys) never Chile Phone Number send out quotes without video. Use a quotation tool such as PandaDoc for this . This has increased the acceptance of offers by more than 30%. A screenshot from such a quote:Explanation of a proposal via video.

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